Sheridan Brick and Stonework

Sheridan Brick & Stone Work offers high quality masonry services for both historical restoration and contemporary, high-efficiency wood burning stoves. My work encompasses traditional masonry craft, using lime mortars, antique brick and weathered granite, fieldstone and quarried stone.

Projects include:

  • Rumford Fireplaces, and Chimneys
  • Historic Repair and Reproduction
  • Russian Masonry Stoves
  • Granite Steps
  • Stone Walls and Foundations
  • Wood-Fired Bake Ovens

Edward Small, Restoration Mason
66 Village Road, Belfast, Maine 04915, (207) 322-5519

Masonry Stoves

Known in this country as Russian Stoves or Masonry Heaters...
  • Healthy radiant heat
  • Highly efficient
  • Only one or two fires per day
  • Maintains even heat all day
  • Low maintenance, no creosote
  • Custom designed for each residence

...these highly efficient wood burning appliances have been used for centuries in northern Europe and Russia for home heating and cooking.

Each country has its own particular design, but the principles are the same for all masonry stoves. A short, very hot fire; the gases circulate through a series of channels before reaching the chimney, to capture the heat; and enough masonry mass, whether in brick or stone, to absorb the heat and radiate it slowly into the living space.

I build a state-of-the-art Russian model, which has a very flexible design to accommodate a broad variety of living spaces. We assess the heating needs of each residence, and size the heater accordingly. Customers can choose a number of features, such as a bake oven, heated benches, wood storage or other custom features.

We deliver the highest quality workmanship, and strive to make the masonry stove a functional art work for your living space.

Member, Masonry Heater Association of North America



My goal, whether it’s a repair or a replica of a period hearth...
image to have the new work look so much like the original that it’s very hard to tell the difference. When building a ‘new’ cooking fireplace or beehive oven, I search for brick from the appropriate historical period and set them in lime mortar, replicating traditional workmanship. In all my work, from small repairs to large building restorations, the finished product must meet a high standard of structural integrity and an authentic look.

  • Rumford Firplaces
  • Beehive Bake Ovens
  • Authentic Reproduction of chimneys and fireplaces
  • Repairs to historic homes and public buildings
  • Use of traditional materials – period brick and lime mortar
  • Dry-laid Fieldstone Walls
  • Fieldstone and Granite foundations
  • Granite Steps and landscaping features

Dry-laid stonework is an ancient craft, and we are fortunate to be surrounded by so much of it here in New England. A well-constructed wall (without a trowel of mortar) can last a hundred years or better.


We build and repair single-stack boundary walls, “double” clearing walls, retaining walls and foundations, using local fieldstone.

We reclaim antique granite slabs for foundations and steps. It is unparalleled for defining outdoor spaces, for walkways, gardens and special projects.

Member, Maine Stoneworkers Guild